FUPD Bullbars

What is an FUPD Bull Bar?

An FUPD (Front Underrun Protective Device) is a purpose built heavy-duty bull bar that has been designed, manufactured, and tested to reduce fatalities in the event of a front-end truck collision. In most Australian states, all 26-metre B-Double trucks must be fitted with an FUPD Bull Bar.

At K Craft Bullbars, we specialise in the design and manufacture of FUPD compliant bull bars for all truck makes and models, including: Kenworth, Freightliner, Mercedes, Volvo, Cat Trucks, Scania, Western Star, and Mack.

We are Perth’s FUPD Bull Bar Specialists!

FUPD Bull Bars must comply with the following:

  • The bull bar must be designed to withstand huge impact loads and reduce the likelihood of anything going under the vehicle (cars, livestock etc.)
  • The bull bar must be tested in a certified test rig overseen by an engineer. This is to prove that the bull bar can withstand the test pressures outlined in the current legislation.

Why should I get an FUPD Bull Bar?

In 2005, Australia’s Transport Ministers unanimously approved draft legislation for 26 metre B-Double trucks. The legislation allows for the B-Double length of 25 metres to be exceeded provided the:

  • Distance between the point of articulation at the front of the leading semi trailer and the rear of the combination is not over 20.6 metres,
  • The prime mover is fitted with a UN ECE R93 compliant FUP system,
  • The prime-mover’s cab complies with UN ECE R29 if it has a date of manufacture after 2005,
  • The prime mover does not have a load carrying area, and
  • The combination is not over 26 metres long.

Drivers in all states (except WA) must by law have an FUPD certified bull bar fitted in order to drive a B-Double of 26 metres. Failure to comply could result in a $600.00 fine. Find out more about the Compliance Requirements for 26-metre B-Doubles.

There are two main advantages to having an FUPD Bull Bar fitted to your truck.


By design, FUPD Bull Bars run lower to the ground, which means there is less chance of a vehicle or livestock going under your truck.

FUPD Bull Bars also increase driver confidence as they have been designed and tested to withstand the enormous loads brought on by front-end collisions.

Greater Payload

The other advantage of installing an FUPD Bull Bar is that your truck now has a permissible front axle weight of 6500kg, which enables you to have a greater payload and allows you to earn more per trip.

To find out more about FUPD Bull Bars, contact K Craft Bullbars on (08) 6247 9188.